The 5 Benefits of Using Couriers Over National Carriers

National parcel service providers such as USPS, UPS and FedEx have always done outstanding work for getting packages to consumers and businesses on-time and accurately. Within our Logistics team, we often use a combination of these carriers for our clients. However, there are plenty of times the bigger carriers won’t be the best fit, where a regional parcel courier would save you time, money, and stress.

Below are 5 ways using regional couriers vs. national carriers can really pay off:


1. Faster Delivery, Same Price

National carriers often have limitations with Pick-Up Times and First Delivery Times. On the other hand, Couriers have the ability to deliver 24/7/365, and have multiple Same Day options that the Nationals just aren’t set up for. Couriers have the ability to provide overnight, early morning, and weekend delivery and pickup – options that many of our clients don’t realize exist!


2. Customized Pickup and Delivery Solutions

One advantage of Couriers is their ability scale up or down based on unique business needs. Between seasonal fluctuations, off hours, or standard next day deliveries, Couriers offer a custom approach most National Carriers can’t flex with.


3. Fees and Surcharges

Shipping bills can pile up quickly if you don’t have a solid handle on the fees and surcharges that National Carriers have been known to tack on. Dimensional Weight is one example. National Carriers’ billing methodology seems to continue to restrict package sizes based on dimensional weight. Regional Couriers not only offer better dimensional weight multipliers, but also the ability to ship unique package types.


4. Out of the Box Services

Regional Couriers often know the market landscape best, and can offer some out of the box services such as Direct/Point-to-Point, benefits, White Glove, and even unattended delivery models.


5. Shipment Visibility Through Innovative Technology

Courier companies have taken technology to the next level. Regional Couriers exceed shipment-tracking visibility with the utilization of handheld scanners, and even allow customer to track drivers via GPS.

To learn more about these or any of the other services you can Count On CTL for, click hear to find out more.




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