How Custom Package Design Can Support Your Brand Image

Product packaging is extremely important in communicating your brand. Marketing today, packaging must tie together digital and physical representations of your products, seamlessly.

Have you spent enough time thinking about your packaging? Double check and make sure you've considered a few key thoughts outlined below.


Look and Feel of Your Custom Package Design

When thinking about packaging, it is important to consider the consumer's entire experience. How does the package appear? What do the colors convey to the consumer? How does the package feel in your hands? Have you ever noticed how some cardboard packaging feels soft to the touch? Think of the finish on an Apple product as one example. That feeling is not a mistake, it was an intentional decision that went into the design of that product.


Point of Sale Displays and Packaging

Product packaging at point of sale (POS) displays are often your only chance to control marketing material within a retail environment. That is the one chance you've got to tell your brand's story.

When considering a point of sale display, ask the same questions you would about your product packaging. Make sure there is a strong visual and emotional alignment between your product packaging and the display. If they aren't well aligned you could confuse your potential customers.


Online Fulfillment

Ecommerce has been grabbing a larger and lager piece of the sales revenue pie every year. The unboxing of new products has become such an emotional moment for people that there is a whole genre of YouTube videos with excited consumers opening up the latest widget they just ordered online.

Think about your own experiences opening a box from Amazon. I'm sure you dug through piles of air pillows to find your prized gift somewhere in the box. Imagine now that you have a premium brand. How would that same experience differ if you used colored tissue paper or ribbons. For just a few pennies you can elevate your brand image.


Premium Brands Online and User Generated Content

Images of freshly opened boxes are showing up in social channels like Instagram. With 85% of brands using Instagram, and with a 4.21% consumer engagement rate premium brands should consider what their products look like coming out of the box. If your product will show up on Instagram, why not add a marketing piece to your packaging to ask customers to hashtag their photos and further drive consumer engagement.

Product packaging is a great opportunity to grab attention of potential consumers and tell them what you stand for. Don't lose out on a great opportunity to integrate packaging into your overall marketing plan. You'll be glad you did.

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