7 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

How do you build a personal brand? According to Entrepreneur Magazine you need to be both visible and accessible. The steps may seem vague, so we've put together a list of tangible ways you can grow a powerful personal brand. Here’s a few ways you to make yourself more known.

Industry Events


  1. Attend conferences, if nothing else to socialize and network
  2. Sponsor or speak at an event. Without a budget? volunteer to be on the committee.
  3. Invite others to attend, create your own networking team, and meet as many people as possible
  4. Practice 2-way networking, start with what you can do for someone else first

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Online presence


  1. Create a social media profile that makes you an “expert” on a particular subject, even if it’s just a hobby that you know a lot about
  2. Share news that’s relevant to your network: industry articles, conference recap, keynote speaker take-always
  3. Know your value proposition and be able to articulate what makes you special in a positive way without coming off as self-absorbed

If you start here, you'll be on your way to developing a memorable and sought after personal brand. Are you a risk taker? You might also want to check out this article on 10 unconventional ways you can build your personal presence.


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