3  Strategies to Boost Your Fulfillment Capabilities

When you have a small and growing e-commerce business, sustainability is a natural concern.

You constantly find yourself thinking of new ways to keep your business afloat.

You've decided to incorporate more aggressive growth goals into your plans and are considering scaling your business to see more profits and to boost your fulfillment capabilities.

Scaling your business sounds good in theory, but you'll still need to be able to keep up with market demands. When you find yourself investing a lot of personal hours into your business and are staying up all night packing and shipping merchandise; this can become a nightmare.

Aggressive growth goals can be quite intimidating; especially if you don't plan properly when it comes to fulfillment.

The thing to remember is that you don't have to do it alone. Finding a fulfillment partner who can scale right along with you is critical.

Here are 3 excellent strategies to incorporate into this goal planning so that fulfillment growth is successful and you'll have the end-to-end results your business needs.


1. Use a Fulfillment Partner to Improve Shipping and Have Competitive Shipping Fees

When you're a small and growing business, continuing to pack your own merchandise for shipping can work against you. Besides being time-consuming, there are other reasons why. 

Larger retailers will offer overnight, two-day and free options to ship their products. This makes it hard to compete; especially when you have to pack the merchandise at one location and then transport it to another for shipping.

Customers want faster deliveries now more than ever. 

A fulfillment partner has a centralized warehouse for faster delivery and can easily scale to meet any growth spikes or seasonal demands you might have. They also save you money. How?

Because of the volume of goods they ship, many fulfillment companies have their own transportation operations or are able to negotiate a significant discount with other carriers. Most companies will also receive and process returns for you.

This helps; especially when the price rates that major carriers charge continue to increase, usually by about 5% every year. 

Just check out the new 2018 rate changes for FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL.


2. Team Up with a Fulfillment Partner and Learn How to Compete with Manufacturers

Many manufacturers are now launching their own e-commerce sites to sell products directly to consumers. 

If you're thinking about scaling your business but your space, staff, time and money are limited, how can you possibly compete?

Your fulfillment partner has access to technology that you can implement and customize so that it integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms. How does this help?

You won't have to spend a bundle trying to compete with these manufacturers. Not only will you have access to the right systems and the latest technology, but you'll only have to buy what you need. 

This means you can have:

  • More responsive web design and development
  • Better mobile app development
  • Multi-platform functionality
  • Better intranet/extranet development
  • More seamless e-commerce cart integration
  • Advanced analytics & reporting


Now, when these manufacturing brands leverage multiple channels to sell their products, you'll be right there with them because not only will you have a new multichannel fulfillment operation of your own; but also, a partner you can rely on to manage it.


3. A Fulfillment Partner Can Create a More Branded Experience for Your Customers

When you don't have a physical store location and have a scaled down operation, this means that you might be working from your garage or kitchen table. In these situations, it's sometimes difficult to create a meaningful shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

A fulfillment partner can help you find marketing solutions so that every interaction with your brand leads to a conversion.

One way they do this is by offering their assembly and kit expertise so that you'll have unique, well-designed packaging instead of a plain brown box. That goes a long way towards making consumers feel special. You can then use this packaging, along with order customization, for Subscription Box Services.

These personalized details are the things that will keep subscription membership active and the boxes shipping out each month. 

You can also use these cost-effective services for product assembly and prep. That will help out with those time-consuming projects, and you can increase revenue by bundling products to sell some of that slower-moving inventory.

When you have a small and growing e-commerce business, it's natural to want sustainability and fulfillment growth.

Problems arise, however, when you're trying to incorporate more aggressive growth goals into your business, but don't plan properly when it comes to fulfillment.

Having a partner means that you won't have to deal with those day-to-day details anymore, and if you find the right partnership, they can scale right along with you.

By doing this, there'll be more chances for you to concentrate on other areas of your business and you'll have someone to help boost fulfillment growth at the same time.

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