Brent Gross

How the Evolution of Omnichannel fulfillment is changing the customer experience

By Brent Gross July 18, 2019

One of the most important competitive advantages that a retailer can possess in today's..

The "experiential" retail store is merging in-store and e-commerce shopping

By Brent Gross June 18, 2019

When e-commerce first exploded onto the shopping scene, and Amazon seemed a veritable vortex..

Everything You Need to Know About Cycle Counting

By Brent Gross June 5, 2019

Cycle counting is a highly efficient method of taking inventory. Rather than hunkering down and..

Contextual Commerce and Why Your Brand Needs It

By Brent Gross May 15, 2019

Due to technological advancements and the versatility provided for by the internet, commerce has..

The Secrets behind turning Retail Stores into Fulfillment Centers

By Brent Gross April 18, 2019

The contemporary digital era has evoked numerous changes in the retail sector. It is changing..

Is Offering Free Shipping Right for My Business?

By Brent Gross April 4, 2019

We all know that Amazon has set a behavioral standard for how quickly we want our online orders..

Finding The Balance: The Benefits of Insourcing and Outsourcing Your Logistics

By Brent Gross March 11, 2019

Majority of businesses outsource non-core business functions to third-party logistics to free up..

What is EDI and how can it drive fulfillment success?

By Brent Gross March 4, 2019

EDI stands for electronic data interchange, and it's been around for longer than you might..

Is the Physical Internet the Next Big Thing for Logistics?

By Brent Gross November 29, 2018

Remember how hard it was to get information before the Digital Internet? You could do it, but it..


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