5 Trends Coming Out of IRCE

I had the privilege of attending IRCE this week in Chicago, and the conference continues to impress every year.  As expected, some major themes the show covered were centered on the future of eCommerce.  After sitting in numerous sessions and walking the show I noticed these 5 trends coming out of IRCE.

1.      Abundance of Custom Solutions to Fit Your Offering

The amount of solutions in the eCommerce space has grown exponentially in the last few years and are even more specialized than before. The digital decision makers at many retailers are making choices on where to invest in new technologies that influence their entire business. There are so many great options to choose from in the inventory management, customer analytics, and digital marketing spaces.    


2.      Consistent Shopping Experiences

Omni-channel is becoming less about offering your product in as many places as possible, and more about the customer having the same seamless experience no matter where they purchase the product.


3.      Simplification of Reverse Logistics

More and more retailers (including B2B) are focusing on the flexibility and simplicity of reverse logistics. Being able to provide a seamless return process to customers has become a high priority in the overall customer experience. Things such as smartlabels that scan and immediately identify the closest distribution center for a return will help reduce unnecessary transit time. 


4.      Amazon Still Dominates Everyone

Amazon continues to lead the eCommerce space by accounting for 53% of the overall eCommerce growth in 2016. The majority of retailers feel more than ever that successfully selling on Amazon is key to succeeding as a brand.  The importance of selling via Amazon Prime and making it to the first page of search results is proving to be just as important to appearing on the first page of Google. 


5.      The World Continues to Shrink

International ordering continues to grow every year (almost 50% of shoppers placed an international order in 2016). Mobile ordering and more international shipping options are increasing the worldwide footprint for the consumer.

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