5 Strengths of a Logistics Partner

The Value of a Partnership: Divide & Conquer

For most brands, inventory starts in the same place - a garage, storage unit, or part of a larger operation. But at some point, each successful brand will outgrow the ability to “handle it yourself” and need a specialized partner to step in. Below are the 5 key strengths of choosing a logistics partner. 


  1. Technology

Technology is evolving faster than any other time in history. Hardware, software, and specialized equipment are constantly upgrading and changing. Like any other business, logistics is ever-evolving. Reliable logistics providers are invested in fulfillment-specific technologies, and are experts at business implementation and execution. Between Warehouse Management Systems, Resource Planning Software, and Virtual Warehouse Portals, you can rely on your logistics partner to keep you up-to-date on the latest logistics technology.

  1. Specialized Equipment

Today’s logistics equipment is far more sophisticated than the warehouse equipment of the past. Advancements in Racking, Inventory Control Systems, and Picking Technology ensure a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective operation.

  1. Flexibility

Choosing a logistics partner that will grow and flex as your business evolves is a huge advantage for the seasonal fluctuations every business goes through. A logistics provider gives you the flexibility of starting off at any size, and the ability to scale up or down as you go.

  1. Focus

Partnering with a logistics company gives you the ability to focus on your brand. Instead of spending time thinking about how you are going to manage your inventory, shipping, and reverse logistics, a logistics partner allows you to put all your energy into what you do best: grow your brand.

  1. Specialization

Not all products are created equal. From perishable items to FDA regulated products that need to be co-packed, shrink-wrapped, labeled, or refrigerated, finding a partner where specialization is the norm as opposed to a headache can be a major time and money saver. 

For most businesses, setting up your own logistics division is a significant financial and time investment. Between securing warehousing, hiring staff, and purchasing the right equipment, finding the right 3PL partner can catapult your business to new heights.

Is it time for you to find the right partner?

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