4 Trends From CES (Consumer Electronics Show) That Will Affect the Logistics and Transportation Industries in 2017

I had the privilege this past weekend of going out to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.  I went out for the specific goal of investigating some of the consumer trends that may affect the logistics and transportation industries over the next couple of years. Although the amount of consumer wearables and overload of things-that-can-be-controlled-by-my-phone was overwhelming and impressive, I’ll leave those discussions for someone else. Here are my top 4 trends from CES that will directly impact the logistics and transportation industries in 2017 and beyond.

Drone Delivery is Really Going to Happen

The next generation of drones that were previewed at CES are impressive.  These aren’t your “fly for 10 seconds and crash” drones, but rather meticulously designed for users to operate or program.  What was once a joke in the logistics and transportation world, is a coming reality. This is going to change the industry and behavior of how people buy and receive their goods.


Autonomous Transportation of Goods is Going to Change the Trucking Industry

Companies in the consumer industry have already piloted unmanned delivery of consumer goods (pizza, spirits, etc.). In 2017, we should expect to see more of that, as well as some testing of autonomous driving vehicles for use in the final mile and courier arenas. In the not-too-distant future, the answer to the questions of “how fast can you get that here?” will shrink significantly with the combination of a couple autonomous and smart vehicles.


Smart Tech is Going to Infiltrate the Fulfillment Industry

We as consumers will continue to utilize the IOT (Internet of Things) to control various aspects of our lives. Likewise, technology will also continue be utilized in the fulfillment and warehousing space to increase efficiencies, monitor safety and further enhance the quality of service for clients, all the while packaging quicker and more accurate than ever.


Digital Personal Assistants for Business

"Alexa, create me the most cost effective budget!” Digital Personal Assistance currently offers some great opportunities to improve our personal lives, but I see a near future where these personal assistants make their way into our work environments, helping to do the tasks that have been sitting in your inbox for over a week.  Wouldn’t it be great to walk out of a meeting with your to-do list, and have it completed by your digital PA within 5 minutes?  We might be a couple years off from this one coming to fruition, but it’s an exciting thought nonetheless.

Until that day, I’ll have to do my to-do list.



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